The Loss of Our Precious Beatrice

In the event that you missed the announcement through social media the last couple of days, it is with a heavy heart that we have to announce that we lost our sweet Beatrice on Saturday, May 12, 2018.

Beatrice’s passing was unexpected to say the least, and though we didn’t have much time with her, it doesn’t make the pain any less noticeable. Sometimes it takes a horrible event such as this for us to realize the impact someone, or in this case a beaver has had on us. It is said that a beaver can die of a broken heart, and although we gave her all of the love that we could muster, she did have a tough start to life.

When Beatrice first came to us, it was estimated that she was only a week to two weeks old. She was found on the side of a creek bed, nearly lifeless. Her mother was found deceased on a road not far from where she was found. It was suspected that her home washed away in a flood, and it is suspected that if she had any siblings, they too were washed away and likely perished. She was only with us a few short weeks, but she left a gigantic hole in our hearts. Her personality was like no other beaver we’ve encountered, and she captured the hearts of people not only in Kentucky but of people from around the world.

It takes a loss like this for us to reflect. We reflect on what wildlife conservation would look like if not for her. We reflect on how many people might not have known our mission if not for her.

In the end, it would be fair to assume that Beatrice had a mission on this earth to bring awareness not only to wildlife conservation in general, but also to beavers specifically. Beatrice’s short time with us allowed us the great fortune to showcase to a broader audience what our mission is and in turn, allow us to help more wildlife than we would have been able to otherwise.