Red Fox

Red Fox

(Vulpes vulpes)


Present across the entire Northern Hemisphere.

Arctic circle to North Africa, North America, Europe, and introduced to Australia.


In the wild no longer than 5 years.

In captivity, up to 15 years.


Adults weigh 5-31 lbs.

Vixen (female foxes) weigh 15-20% less than the males.



Primarily eats birds, reptiles, insects, mammals, vegetation, and fruit.


Most active during dawn and dusk


Breed once a year in the spring.

Gestation lasts 49-58 days.

Average litter size is 4 to 6 kits (young).

Foxes are mostly monogamous; if the mother goes missing, the father will continue to care for the young.

Mothers remain with the kits for 2-3 weeks, while the father brings food to the den for her.

Kits open their eyes after 13-15 days.

Lactation period lasts 6-7 weeks.

Extra facts:

Red Foxes are the largest of the true foxes.

They have been included in the “world’s 100 worst invasive species” due to their introduction to Australia.

They can trot at speeds of 4-8 mph and their max running speed of 30 mph.

Foxes have binocular vision but react to movements.

They have scent glands that produce a musky odor, like that of ferrets.

There are several color mutations: red (normal), grey, cross, black is brown, silver, platinum, amber, samson.