Asia: The Little Red Fox that Could

Asia is a 3-month old red fox who found her way to the Kentucky Wildlife Center through a couple in Boone County, Kentucky. The couple found her orphaned as they were walking in the woods. Without their intervention, she would have most likely died due to the fact that she lacks usage of her hind legs. The couple who found Asia immediately called us and we decided that it would be best if she were brought into care as soon as possible.

We were initially very hesitant about Asia's ability to recover. The one thing that gave us hope was the fact that she is always in high spirits. Her spunk and her playful attitude inspired us to give it our best shot. Asia has had multiple X-rays and continues to see a renowned wildlife veterinarian. We are led to believe this is a congenital abnormality although, trauma, and infectious etiologies cannot be ruled out of her diagnoses.

With routine physical therapy and the oversight of trained wildlife professionals, Asia has made improvements. She was gifted a shiny new wheelchair by a very generous donor. Her wheelchair has helped her gain some mobility in her hind legs. She is beginning to twitch her legs and is trying to stand on her own. Her physical therapy is never forced upon her and we do everything on her own terms! We always keep in mind that she is a wild animal. We are hesitant to say that she will make a full recovery but as long as she is happy, we are happy.

Asia has captured the hearts of our volunteers, interns, and staff members. Now, she has captured the hearts of our local community. WKYT and LEX18 have aired stories about our special little fox and we could not be more proud.

Link to LEX18 Story:

Link to WKYT Story:

Thank you to everyone who loves Asia as much we do. We will continue to update our social media pages and our website about her journey.

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