Because every life matters and is intertwined, we strive to inspire awareness, compassion and coexistence so that we can improve the lives of animals, conserve the environment and create a better community.



Here at KWC we host multiple programs and projects throughout the year. Below is a list of our current and upcoming programs, projects, and events.

Community Conservation

Early Education

Rehab & Release

Here at KWC we recognize the importance of conservation and its roles in the lives of wildlife. We will be offering education projects to the community consisting of sustainable practices such as gardening, soil health, hydroponics, composting practices, and clean energy initiatives. If you want to know how to grow your own food in a sustainable and impactful way, or wish to build our own native ecosystem in your backyard or  local business then come to our center and be ready to get your hands dirty!

KWC Festival events/ Gala

We provide educational opportunities, classes, and seminars to all ages. We believe that by instilling proper practices and habits when coming in contact with wildlife, we can help prevent future endangerment and threatened species. Our programs feature information not only about each species, but also on how to coexist with them. We bring education ambassadors to schools and public events to present on native wildlife.

Monarch Waystation

KWC will be hosting its first-ever Gala to raise funds to help cover our expensive veterinary bills, research, and organization development. We also perform an annual spring baby shower for newborns, and a fall festival event with local art, music, and food vendors.

This incredible project is a nationwide effort dedicated to raising the declining numbers of pollinator insects and birds affected by commercial farming pesticide usage and industrial businesses. We create special feral gardens using specific native plant species preferred by pollinator insects and birds. It is our goal to teach the community about the importance of these gardens for the ecological biodiversity of your community. These gardens act as waystations for species migrating south during the winter seasons. Monarch butterfly populations have rebounded due to these conservation efforts.  


KWC provides internship opportunities for university students interested in developing their skills here.

After extensive care, the magical moments of safe release back into their habitats are imperative. Watch our team reunite native animals with their proper homes.

Wildlife Studies

In order to better protect native wildlife KWC studies the many various diseases, parasites, and viruses that directly affect the various species that enter our center. It is our goal to save as many native species from these ailments as we can in order to grow and maintain healthy populations. We never perform challenge studies. Our studies are strictly observational and occur during the rehabilitation process.

2020 Otter Enclosures

River otters are a critical species for Kentucky streams and rivers. KWC plans to build an extensive river otter habitat for our three education ambassadors whom are not able to be released into the wild. Enclosures will feature a live streaming application so you can watch the otters from your own home!




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