Lynx rufus

Origin: North America

Lifespan: 7 years, rarely exceeds 10 years

Size: Adults are 18 to 50 inches long, from head to tail base. Tail length is six to seven inches. males weigh from 9 to 35 lbs. They are the smallest of the four lynx species (Bobcat, Canada lynx, Eurasian lynx, and Iberian Lynx)

Diet: Carnivorous, preys on rodents, birds, fish, insects, foxes, skunks, mink, etc

Activity: Crepuscular- active mostly during twilight hours, dusk and dawn

Reproduction: Males begin breeding by their second summer. Females begin breeding as early as their first breeding season starts February to March, typically gestation is 60 to 70 days

Extra Facts: Also called "Wildcats" 

  • Bobcats tend to be more aggressive than the Canada Lynx

  • They are built for warmer climates compare to other Lynx

  • A collective group is called a "Clowder" or "Clutter"

  • Males are called "Torns."

  • Females are called "queen."



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