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Eastern Box Turtle

Origin- Eastern North America and Central America

size- Average at 6 to 7 in Length

Lifespan- 100 year

Diet- Omnivorous

  • 5-6 years of age they eat mainly proteins but eat more vegetation and fruits as they age

  •  Insects and worms are their protein source

Activity- Diurnal

Reproduction- Cluth size is 1-7 eggs

  • egg laying occurs in May and June

  • A female can lay 5-7 clutches a year

Extra Facts-Their shells are made of Keratin

  • unlike water turtles their shells grow for the rest of their lives

  • Males tend to have red or dark orange eyes

  • the bottom of a males shell is concave

  • they are capable of fully retracting into their shell

  • they have a hinged flap that closes when hiding

  • the average Eastern box turtle has five toes on the front feet

  • their biggest threat is habitat loss and being run over by automobiles

  • Most box turtles hibernate for three to five months of the year depending on their geographical region

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