Marmotax monax

Origin: North America

Lifespan: two to three years up to six years

Size: Adults are sixteen to twenty inches with a tail six inches

Adults weigh five to twelve pounds and have seasonal weight change

Diet: Herbivore

consisting of wild grasses and other vegetation, including berries.

in spring, they eat grubs, grasshoppers, insects, and snails

Activity: Diurnal

Reproduction: Groundhogs usually breed in their second year

  • breeding season is from March to mid- or late April. This is after hibernation

  • A mated pair will stay together in the same den until the birth of the young.

  • Gestation period is 31 days with about six offspring

  • The male leaves the den after the young are born

  • The female introduces the young to the wild once they grow fur and are no longer blind

  • The  male returns to help encourage the young to copy the adult's behavior

Extra Facts: Groundhogs are also called woodchuck, whistle pig, Canada Marmot

  • Young are called Chucklings.

  • They alert other groundhogs using a high pitched whistle to warm the rest of the colony

  • One of a few species that enter true hibernation and often have a separate den for it.

  • Males emerge from hibernation in March to April

  • Females take longer than males to wake up from hibernation




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