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Mom Raccoon Adopts Litter

This loving mother raccoon, that we call "Mama Bear", came to us with a single neonate. She is a wonderful mother. With extreme caution by our raccoon experts, we allowed her to adopt these three orphaned newborns. She immediately took to them. Mama Bear carefully picked up each baby and placed them in her den with her own kit. She nudged them to nurse and began grooming them. This mama is an amazing animal. She definitely wins Mama Raccoon of the Year Award from the team here at KWC!! Great job MAMA BEAR!!

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Jennifer Rollins
Jennifer Rollins
May 25, 2022

How likely is this to happen in the wild? I have a mama raccoon & several of her kits denning in a tree on my property. I was contacted by someone with a single raccoon kit (mother was hit by car & killed). What would be the chances of the mom on my property taking in this orphan?

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