Procyon lotor

Origin: North America and Central America

Lifespan: In the wild, 2-3 years

In captivity, up to 20+ years 

Size: Adults can weigh 11 to 60 lbs

Diet: Omnivorous

Activity: Nocturnal

Reproduction: Breeding season is usually between January and mid-March. In warmer places, it extends to June

  • Young are called kits or cubs

  • Gestation is about 63 days

  • litters are between 2-5 kits born blind and deaf

  • males have no part in raising young

  • kits start eating solids around 6-9 weeks of age

Extra Facts:

  • They have excellent memory and are very intelligent

  • Known to wash their food

  • Raccoons will have multiple den  sites

  • They have 50 different vocalizations

  • Raccoons can run at 15 mph

  • A group of raccoons is called a nursery



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