Red Fox

Vulpes vulpes

Lifespan: Up to five years in the wild, 15 years in captivity

Origin: Present across the entire Northern Hemisphere

Artic circle to North Africa, North America, Europe, and introduced into Australia

Size: Adults weigh 5-30lbs

Diet: Omnivorous

Activity: Crepuscular

Reproduction: Breeds once a year in the spring

  • Gestation period  49-58 days

  • Average litter size is four to six kits

  • Mostly monogamous

  • Mothers remain with kits 2-3 weeks while father brings back food for mother

  • lactation period lasts 6-7 weeks

Extra Facts: Red foxes are the largest of the true foxes

  • max running speed of 30 mph

  • foxes have sent glands that give them a musky odor

  • There are several color mutations: red, gray, blackish brown, silver, amber, platinum. and samson



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