Sciurus carolinensis

Origin: Native to the eastern half of North America, gray squirrels were introduce to Britain in 1870s and are now widely distributed across the united kingdom

Lifespan: One to two years in the wild, six years on average as an adult

Size: 17-20in long, and 1-1.5 pounds

Diet: Tree bark, tree buds, berries, many seeds including acorn, walnut, and other nuts


Reproduction: Breeds twice per year.

Breeding December thru February, and  May through June

  • Males form a hierarchy and females will mate with multiple males in that hierarchy

  • One to four young are born in a litter

  • Gestation period is 44 days

  • Only one in four squirrel kits survives to one year of age

Extra Facts: As in most mammals, communication among Eastern Gray Squirrels involves vocalization and posturing

  • In areas closer to cities squirrels use more visual communication due to the overabundance of noise pollution as opposed to rural areas




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